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Onsite Sales

Sales Velocity While Maximizing Profits

Good sales management properly applied is the most effective way to maximize the efforts of your new home sales team to increase your revenue and market share, as well as to beat the competition. We provide expert assistance with a wide range of sales management responsibilities to drive your dedicated team of new home sales specialists to deliver the optimum balance between price and velocity.

Our systematic, selective recruitment and hiring process for new home sales professionals assures first and foremost that the individuals who represent you will significantly benefit your company. Our team of expert new home sales people, sales managers and executive leaders understands how to maximize value by elevating the homebuyer experience and differentiating your homes from the sea of competitors and re-sales.

Our methods for measuring sales activity and performance assists you in addressing issues, coaches you toward higher results and assures you that your specialized sales team is being managed proactively.

It is vital for your sales staff to intimately understand the special nuances of your projects and homes. We work hand and hand with our clients to ensure our sales professionals learn what makes your homes unique, elevating their value proposition above the competition. Our sales teams can leverage strong product knowledge to motivate your customers in compelling ways.

We deliver training and instruction that will help your sales force grow into a mature, balanced and highly effective group. Your business will boost in profitability and you will improve the working relationship you have with your best clients.

By utilizing unique assessment tools, we uncover the real reason that is preventing your company from experiencing record-setting sales growth. Consequently, we pinpoint where improvement is needed and build a foundation for change.

Our complete range of commercial real estate brokerage and compliance services assists owners, investors and occupiers of all property types. Our approach is strategic, and it integrates seamlessly with our other service lines to meet all of your real estate needs.

Online sales

Engaging and Nurturing Customers on Their Terms

It is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd and stay competitive. An online sales concierge serves as an extension of your sales team and allows you to present an on-demand engagement to your customers which captures their loyalty, enhances consumer experience and increases conversion.

In response to our consumer’s real-time demand for meaningful engagement, our interactive virtual concierge platform is built on our Marketing Success Portal™ that integrates the management of the home buyer experience through all facets of the buying cycle. The personalized response by our online new home specialists links customers to your company and community offerings seamlessly, while providing immediate access to service delivery for anything they might need.

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Stay in regular contact and build a solid memory of your company name, home and neighborhood product offerings with buyer specific content outreach solutions. Our personalized buyer outreach helps you reach potential customers faster and with greater results.

Our methodical prospecting process by our online new home specialists leverages our Marketing Success Portal’s™ non-subjective prospect rating system to prioritize outreach to qualified home buying prospects who are educated and interested in your communities and homes. Our robust methodology employed by our online new home specialists results in more appointments and on-site visits to your communities which will increase your revenue and lower your cost per sale.

Preparation and knowledge are two of the best elements to equip your customers to make a sound home buying decision. In partnership with preferred lender partners, we deliver responsive engagement with home buying prospects to effectively prepare them for home ownership, regardless of which stage in the buying process they find themselves in.

  • Early stage buyers are prepared by establishing affordability, providing credit repair solutions and evaluating overall finances to successfully choose a path to homeownership with our client’s offering.
  • Late stage buyers are offered competitive financing options that are tailored to their personal circumstance which facilitates timely performance on the purchase of our client’s home.

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